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Departamentul de Litere şi Limbi Străine al Universităţii Hyperion

Teme Master 2015

Teme propuse pt lucrarea de disertatie 2015

Conf. Univ. Dr Filip Bacalu

  1. Means of expressing politeness in different social contexts.
  2. Discourse markers – a sociolinguistic investigation of their functions in conversations.
  3. Intonation in conversation-structure and meaning.
  4. Requests in professional discourse – a cross-cultural study of Romanian and British business writing.
  5. Advertising and Society – a short analysis of the persuasive discourse in advertising.
  6. The categories of person and social deixis in English.
  7. Grammatical cohesion in English discourse.
  8. The effect of context on language.
  9. The mechanism of Implicature and Indirectness in English.
  10. Effective techniques of improving students’ vocabulary knowledge.
  11. Teaching applications of word-formation rules: compounding.
  12. Focus on Intonation – approaches to teaching intonation in English.
  13. Effective techniques in teaching English pronunciation.
  14. Exploring stress in English – approaches to teaching stress in English.
  1. Media/News Discourse. A Phonetic and Phonological Approach to War Interviews.
  2. Language Acquisition in Child Discourse. A Phonetic and Phonological Approach
  3. Psycho-socio-linguistics of Child Discourse. A Syntactic Approach.
  4. Familial Discourse and Aging (with focus on suprasegmental phonology).
  5. Language Acquisition – innate or acquired?
  6. Teaching preschoolers by Means of Phonetics
  7. Listening Techniques and International Exams
  8. Intonation – the Alpha Factor in Communication
  9. Communication from A to Z – Is Linguistics Really Necessary?
  10. Neuro-linguistics and Language Acquisition.
  11. Figures of Speech in Advertising.
  12. Translation techniques – a Romanian-English case study.
  13. Interpreting focus groups; the live supplier-beneficiary interaction mediated by an interpreter.
  14. English and Romanian press. Contrasts and similarities.
  15. Mass manipulation through media channels: TV, internet, newspapers.
  16. On Genre Translation Typology – English-Romanian study.
  17. Building country branding. Romania in the international context of marketing.
  18. Language in Romanian advertising: catharsis or mimesis?
  1. Specific techniques of literary translation.
  2. The translation – a recreation of the initial text.
  3. Common mistakes of applied grammar within literary translation.
  4. Genre differences as reflected by translation.
  5. Translation now and then.
  6. Google translate – saver or killer?


The above-mentioned themes for the dissertation paper may be complemented by the student’s own suggestions provided directly to the coordinator.

Provided the agreement between the two parties is reached and the paper plan made, I would be glad to bring my humble contribution to your research.


Conf. univ. dr. Mariana BARA


  1. Asigurarea calităţii în traducerea de texte de specialitate
  2. Transferul semantic. Modificări ale sensului în traducere
  3. Traducerea frazeologiei din textele tehnice (din engleză în română)
  4. Terminologia vestimentară în limba română – aspecte semantice şi pragmatice
  5. John Honey, Language is power (în viziunea unui traducător la Parlamentul European) – T/T, 3.2001.
  6. Terminologia într-un proiect de traducere specializată. Etape şi principii.